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Medic Zone has been set up to be a one-stop first aid and medical resource for everyone. It offers consultation services for emergency preparedness, equipment solutions and supply, as well as first aid training needs and coordination. 


Do you need advice on medical preparedness, first aid equipment, training, or emergency action plans?

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Medical, first aid and emergency training of varying levels.

Nationally certified courses, Bespoke Training sessions. E-learning and Zoom sessions.


First Aid Equipment and restocking, Emergency medical equipment, Bespoke kits, Accessories and Special Orders.


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First Aid and Medical coverage for your events. Sports, School, Company, Film sets, etc. 

Merianne has over 15 years of healthcare experience in hospitals, specialist clinics, community health, sports and event medical as well as volunteer medical missions overseas.

Experience in teaching a range of medical courses both in Singapore and around Asia. 

A network of friends and partners around the world.

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Partners and Friends

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