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Medic Zone provides a wide range of services to meet your first aid and medical emergency planning local regulatory needs. Have a look at the list of services described below. If you don't see what you are looking for, drop us a line and arrange a chat.



Do you need advice on medical preparedness, first aid equipment, training, or emergency action plans?


Have you found it difficult

-   to create an emergency action plan

    for your organisation. 

-   to find the right training centre that provides

    high quality first aid training with reputable



-   to find the most appropriate and the most cost-

    effective first aid equipment.

Call for an appointment to discuss your needs and with our experience and connections, we will help ensure the best quality and value within your budget. We can point you in the right direction or if you prefer, arrange everything for you.

Training & Education

Medical and first aid training courses vary from centre to centre. It can be challenging to decide what is best for yourself or your organisation. 

Occasionally there may be topics that you need that are not covered in the usual setup.


We could:


-   Connect you with tried and trusted training


-   Source and arrange the courses for

    you ensuring the right courses with the

    necessary accreditation.

-   Design and run bespoke lectures and

    sessions for your organisation, tailored

    to your specific needs. 

-   Setup of Learning Management System for

    in-house training for medical staff. Accessible  



Training & Education
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There are all kinds of medical equipment on the market for a variety of needs. It can be confusing to find the right tools and at the right prices.

We have the solutions if you:


-   Are unsure what equipment to get for your first

    aid kits?

-   Can't find what you are looking for?

-   Have difficulty ensuring your equipment stays up

    to date? We can ensure you always have the

    most up-to-date and compliant first aid kits.

-   Restocking of first aid and medical supplies.

-   Creation of  Bespoke equipment solutions for

    first aid and medical kits, medical cover or

    medical training.



Event Medical

First Aid and Medical coverage for your local and international events. 


-   Sports Events such as rugby, soccer, boxing,

    golf, mixed martial arts, etc. 

-   Company events such as family day, corporate

    retreat camps, etc.


-   School events such as sports day, funfairs,

    camps and more.


-   Film sets, stage shows, concerts, etc.


-   And more...    


Our network of Doctors, Nurses, EMT's, Paramedics and Physiotherapists along with our suitably experienced private ambulance partners enables us to help provide the best cover to match your needs. 

Event Medical
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