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About Us 

    Medic Zone has been set up to be a one-stop first aid and medical resource for everyone. It offers consultation services for emergency preparedness, equipment solutions and supply, as well as first aid training needs and coordination. 

   Regardless of which industry or organisation you are in, first aid and emergency action plans are important resources to have. Medic Zone provides a platform to facilitate this. When in doubt on where to start, how to do it or what to get, we can ensure you get the best value and quality for the specific emergency requirements of your business or organisation. With our connections and experience, we can provide a range of services to cater to your needs. Let us help take the guesswork out of your safety. 

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Merianne Selvaraj, the Founder and Director of Medic Zone, is a Registered Nurse with over 17 years of experience working in hospitals, private clinics, and research centres as well as in event medical management and the provision of pre-hospital care support at sports events.

Since 2010 Merianne has been a regular volunteer with a missionary organisation in Cambodia, running first aid classes and helping with pop up clinics run by Project Battambang. She has mentored young nurses there and continues to support the community with their projects.

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Merianne spent 3 years as Medical Manager for the Singapore Rugby Union. Her role included coordinating the medical care, including medical screening and medical supplies, for all national players at training, local tournaments and during regional travel to SEA Games and Asia Rugby tournaments and training camps in Australia.


She has organised and taught on medical courses for team medics and pre-hospital care teams working pitchside, provided Continuing Professional Development opportunities for pitchside medics and  implemented robust concussion management protocols for all Singapore’s domestic leagues.

Merianne also holds a number of instructor certifications for Medical courses and has taught both in Singapore and around the region in countries such as Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, Dubai, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Brunei, Iran and Laos.


Qualified and experienced instructor for:

- Pre Hospital Immediate Care in Sports Instructor (Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh)
- Basic Cardiac Life Support Instructor (SRFAC)
- CPR + AED Chief Instructor (SRFAC)
- Singapore Standard First Aid Course / Child First Aid Course Instructor (SRFAC)
- World Rugby Trainer / Medical Trainer and Course Director
- Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support Course Instructor (NAEMT)

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic started Merianne has returned to nursing and more recently, as regulations permitted, instructing on first aid and medical courses, while continuing to build Medic Zone.

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